Facebook Ads Structure and Strategy

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Let me help you confidently scale your ads and help you make them more profitable.

Full-Funnel Analysis and Coaching Package:
I’ll help you build/tweak your full funnel from ads creation to me logging into your Ads Manager and setting up your Ads Library as well as your next few campaigns so that you know exactly what to do to have profitable ads.
Then we’ll both watch as the ads start to run and I’ll make videos showing you exactly how to optimize them so they stay profitable. I won’t be running your ads I’ll be helping YOU run your ads, telling you exactly what to look for, what to avoid and how to keep them profitable.
You’ll end up with at least 10 videos from the sales page analysis to me personally setting up your ads for you (we’ll brainstorm ad images and copy so that you always know exactly what’s happening so you can duplicate it in the future) and then what to do with your ads once they are running and how to keep them making profits so you can scale them.
NOTE: You’ll need to sign up for Hyros (which costs $349/month or $3,490/year). Kati will help you set this up before your ads go live so that we can properly track them and know what to scale.


Here's some of what you'll learn as we work together:

Pre-Work: (I'll reach out about exactly what you need to do)
1. Tackle a list of things Kati identified as having potential for increasing sales page and checkout conversions and ads angles to start with for testing campaigns
2. Add Kati to your Facebook business manager
3. Watch pre-work videos (sales page analysis and ads brainstorming ideas) so you're ready for Kati to dive in and create your ads campaigns. 

3 days after ads have been running you'll learn:
1. How to optimize your ads 
2. How to scale your ads 
3. Homework: brainstorm more audiences and create 3-6 more ads for the next week

7 days after ads started running you'll learn:
1. How to continue to optimize your ads to get the most profits
2. How to continue to scale your ads (you could have one ad set by now that's ready to scale, Kati will set that up and help you keep scaling it)
3. What other things you can do to keep profits high and how to serve the extra customers you're getting.

Customer Reviews

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Victoria Azaro
Amazing review and best advice ever!!!!

OMG, Katie is a wealth ok knowledge and she has done an amazing job reviewing my sales page and helping me with my ads strategy. She is so lovely and straight to the point and always delivers her advice in such a friendly and encouraging way. I have seen results straight away and my sales page is preforming 3 times better than before!!! Can't wait to implement all of Katie's advice and keep growing my ads and sales pages conversions. Thanks Katie!!!!