A Year Of Saving - Family Centered Money Savings Challenges
A Year Of Saving - Family Centered Money Savings Challenges

A Year Of Saving - Family Centered Money Savings Challenges

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Want to get the whole family on board with saving money?

Then you need this book: A Year Of Saving: Family Monthly Savings Challenges. 

Don't worry, these aren't super hard challenges. They are small and simple challenges that you can do together as a family that adds up to some serious money saved. (Approximately $700 for the year)

These challenges are laid out each month that gives you a year of ideas to follow along and have the whole family participate in the savings process.

Plus, each challenge has an estimated savings amount for you.

And if you stick with it for the WHOLE year, which my kids have all decided should be really simple to do, I estimate that you'll EASILY add over $700 to your savings account over the course of the year.

How fun is that?!!

How would your family life improve when you know:

  • Exactly which savings technique your family is on board with this month
  • How to easily accomplish each goal every month
  • That you have stopped wasting your dollars on non-essential items 
  • That your family is encouraging each other towards a savings goal
  • Being able to see the progress of your family's teamwork and their cost-saving measures to help the family save money 
  • That you're adding $700 or more to your family's savings goal!

Don't get this confused with a Penny Challenge or other large challenge that is very time-consuming. These monthly challenges are easy and doable every day. 

Plus, at the end of the guide, you'll find a 5 Extra Challenges so you can mix things up the next year. 

You deserve to have a Year of Saving with your family! It will become a great way to bond and to be accountable for your savings goal. 

Please note that this product is a digital download that you can instantly print at home (nothing will be shipped). You will receive access to the file as soon as you check out and it is backed by our 100% Happiness Guarantee.

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Anne Chabot
Much needed

Overwhelmed before this by other info. Want to focus on just yours.